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It’s been trendy in recent years to eschew fruit juice, with some going as far as likening juice to sugary soft drinks. But did you know that 100% fruit juice—and I’m talking here about fresh-from-the-juicer fruit juice, not the pasteurized, trucked in and sat on a store shelf cartons—100% fruit juice offers many of the protective health benefits found in whole fruits?

For instance, a research review completed by the University of California - Davis suggests a positive association between intake of 100% juice and reduced risk of cancer, heart disease and cognitive decline.

This is good news in a world where ninety-two percent of adults and eighty-eight percent of children do not meet their recommended daily intake of fruit. Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough fruit in their diet are more likely to have lower than recommend levels of key nutrients, such as vitamins A and C and the mineral magnesium. Conversely, those who do get enough fruit in their diets have higher than recommended levels of key nutrients, including calcium and potassium—nutrients critical for bone health and blood pressure regulation.

Good reasons to start juicing fruits:

One eight-ounce glass of nutrient-dense fruit juice provides you—or your child—with the equivalent of two servings of fruit.

Fruit juicing delivers many of the powerful vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients that a body requires to create and maintain health, just the same as whole fruit. The only thing you can’t get from the juice alone is the fiber it came bound up in. (People with conditions that are aggravated by high-fiber diets, such as irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis and Crohn’s disease, would consider this a clear benefit.)

The benefits of juicing fruits at home, rather than purchasing packaged juice at the store, include both a significantly bigger hit of nutrients and a much fresher taste. Fresh-squeezed orange juice contains nearly twice as much vitamin C as cartoned juice. Fresh-from-the-juicer apple juice tastes sharp and crisp, like the apples it was extracted from, rather than the dulled, rather homogenized taste of store-bought. Even the colors of fresh juice are strikingly different from what’s available on the shelves, from the luminous green of granny smith apple juice to the rosy pink of fresh tomato juice and the many shades of grape.

Many fruits also freeze well. If you freeze fresh-picked fruits and berries, you can reduce the loss of nutrients and while giving yourself a bounty to enjoy later. If you don’t have access to fresh-picked, frozen organic fruit from the store are a perfectly acceptable alternative. Either way, remember to thaw your fruit before running it through the juicer.

So, the next time you pour yourself a tall, delicious glass of fresh fruit juice, rest assured that there’s no need to feel even a twinge of guilt. Juice is not soda pop, and eliminating it from yours and your children’s diets will not improve anyone’s health.

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