Juicing Carrots for Health

Discover the many benefits of juicing carrots. Nutritious and delicious... Carrot juice is versatile yet exquisite on its own!

Juicing carrots is so versatile. It's probably one of the best known of the vegetable juices, second only to “V8” (or your store brand version, generally just called ‘vegetable juice’). The stuff you buy off the shelf, if you’ve ever had it, doesn’t taste anything like fresh-juiced carrots, with their sweet, earthy flavor. Carrot juice makes for an appetizing, nutrition-packed drink on its own, yet its flavor also blends well with both fruits and other vegetables, allowing it to serve as the basis for an enormous variety of delicious, nutrient-dense juices.

Here are just a few of the benefits of carrots... see what adding more carrots to your diet will do:


While eating carrots won’t improve your vision (this myth was propaganda created by the British government in World War II to keep the German’s in the dark about the real reason for the successes of the Royal Air Force’s bombing strikes: airborne interception radar), carrot consumption has been found to reduce the risk of glaucoma, a complicated disease that causes pressure in the eyeball and leads to permanent vision loss. The beta-carotene in carrots may reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration, helping you to keep your night vision longer as you age.


A number of research studies have documented the cardiovascular benefits of carrots, including significantly reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s posited that the many different kinds of antioxidants present in carrots work together to convey this benefit, underscoring the importance of getting your nutrition from whole foods rather than supplements and enriched processed foods.

Liver & Skin

The vitamins and minerals contained in carrots—particularly the vitamin A—improve your liver’s tissue health and increase blood flow in the liver. A healthy liver leads to healthier skin, nails and hair.


Vitamin A is essential to a healthy digestive system by helping to maintain and rebuild the thin tissue that lines your intestines. Thus, regular consumption of carrots has been found to aid in the prevention of gastric ulcers and other digestive disorders.


Studies have shown that carrots may lower the risk of several cancers, including breast, lung and colon. A compound called falcarinol is a natural pesticide that protects the carrot’s roots from fungal diseases, may be largely responsible for the carrot’s anti-cancer benefits. A cup and a half of carrot juice a day has been found to offer small but significant effects on colon cell health.

Juicing carrots - Carrots pair well with apples, for sweeter drinks, or tomatoes, to form the base for more savory juices. Greens can be added to either for an extra nutritional punch. Carrots also go well with beets, cabbage, celery, oranges, pears, fennel, ginger and many other fruits and vegetables. Feel free to experiment, and reap the many health benefits of carrots along the way!

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